What is InnerSource?

InnerSource takes the lessons learned from developing open source software and applies them to the way companies develop software internally.

Chatham House Rules?

All presentations at the Spring Summit, unless otherwise designated by the presenter, will be covered by the Chatham House Rule. See the Chatham House Rule.  All attendees are required to abide by the ISC code of conduct

What is InnerSource Commons?

The InnerSource Commons (ISC) is a growing community of practitioners with the goal of creating and sharing knowledge about InnerSource: the use of open source best practices for software development within the confines of an organization. Founded in 2015, the InnerSource Commons is now supporting and connecting over seventy companies, academic institutions, and government agencies.

Who should attend?

The InnerSource Common Summits welcomes software professionals at all levels, from executive level manager to software developer. The program targets software development managers and executive managers in particular because adopting InnerSource requires significant efforts to make changes in the organization—whether these are implemented top-down or bottom-up. If you or your organization is adopting, or considering adopting, InnerSource, then attending the InnerSource Summit is the best thing you can do.

What will I get from this event?

The three key reasons to attend the InnerSource Common Summits are:

  • Learn from others who are on the journey of InnerSource adoption

  • Share your experiences and get help with your challenges

  • Network, network, network! The InnerSource Commons is an excellent place to network with likeminded people, all of whom are passionate about making InnerSource a success in their respective organizations!



InnerSource Commons Summit - Fall 2019 BALTIMORE

Community for Practitioners of InnerSource


InnerSource Commons Summit - Fall 2019 BALTIMORE



September 2019

ends: Noon on 19th


1301 Mount Royal Terrace

Baltimore, MD 21217

Contact Us

To learn more, don’t hesitate to get in touch

Direct:  humans@innersource.events  or +1-410-205-6445

In an effort to raise all boats, this ISC Fall Summit Baltimore is part of the inaugural Baltimore Washington Open Source week (BWOpen), a small-batch curated convening of Open Source, InnerSource, Municipal Source and Baltimore communities.  

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